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SUPERNATURAL riding camps are about improving your riding skills in All Mountain and Enduro. We’ll teach you all skills needed to make you faster, more confident and a safer rider. We’ll help you tackle terrain you thought you’d never attempt. And we’ll show you how to corner, climb, descend, jump and drop obstacles like never before !

For the local mountain bikers SUPERNATURAL organizes a 1 day per month “Enduro” riding skills session, based on 3 sessions each course. The courses are diveded by 2 levels: beginners and intermediate.



A third level is dedicated to the experts and the race riders that want to improve for the next season goals. Four weekends courses are organized during the year. These are dedicated for those that want to receive an intesive and useful training optimizing their time.

These are some topics of our camps :

  • Bike set up
  • Riding positions
  • How to interpret the trail and where to drive your eyes
  • Uphill riding technique
  • Cornering technique
  • How to brake
  • How to use your brakes to gain speed
  • Switchbacks technique
  • How to clear obstacles
  • Pump technique
  • How to jump
  • Bunny-hop, manual and nose press techniques

The courses are given by Alessandro Seddaiu, Supernatural Racing Team internal trainer.


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