SUPERNATURAL is dedicated to guided and training tours for our associates only.
Our program starts from a one-day ride to a whole week or more. We are specialized in all mountain and enduro-mtb activities, extended to E-Bikes too.
Our skilled team leaders can get you excited on enduro and freeride trails with intense uplift days.
We focus on long tracks, from the mountains to the sea and we are competent in all mountain rides with many meters of altitude ridden every day.
The aim of our association is to provide its members with a moment of personal growth in the sports field, both for the purpose of greater fun or to better prepare for the next competitive season.


Pedalled ALL MOUNTAIN rides are based on 20 to 60 km a day with 800/1800 meters of negative drop and 500/1400 meters of elevation.

ENDURO and FREERIDE rides are generally shuttle assisted with a range of descents from 5 to 10 and more, according to the riding spot, the season and group level.


CONTACT US to get in touch, remembering to mention your riding skills and level of fitness, in addition to your personal details. We will send you all the information you need to register with Supernatural Racing Team.

Our Team do not provide services to non-members.