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Whether you are an explorer that wants to enjoy this mountain bike heaven or you are a thrillseeker that looks for the most adrenaline trails of the area SUPERNATURAL is here to let you scream of pleasure !

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West Liguria offers a 365 days a year of incredible mountain bike rides. This area has an infinite numbers of trails from the French valleys of Bevera and Roya to the Italian side of Dolceacqua, San Remo and Molini di Triora spots. Here the coastal mediterranean scrub is melted with the tipical alpine territory creating an astonishing place to ride.

Whether it is All Mountain or uplifted Free Ride SUPERNATURAL is ready to assist you with an high quality service. We can provide with All Mountain and Free Ride guides, shuttle uplifts and bikes rental, disclosing to you the best trails around.

supernatural scrl - mtb

 SUPERNATURAL company has a variety of services for mountain biking that starts from one day tours or shuttle uplifts to one week special packs, that includes all the accomodation needs for a cool holiday.

Our menu consist of :

  • half/one day AM tours (from 20 to 80 km)
  • weekly 2/3 days AM tours
  • one week AM tours (from monday to sunday)
  • half/one day FR shuttle assisted (from 4 to 10 descents)
  • one day ENduro pack, shuttle assisted (dedicated to the riders and teams that want to train here)
  • one week EN/FR pack (45 trails for a paradisiacal week)

supernatural scrl - mtb

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