Supernatural Racing Team A.S.D.



The “DOLCENDURO 2020” is a mountain bike race, enduro discipline, organized by the SUPERNATURAL RACING TEAM A.S.D. which aims to mix the euphoria of competition with the joy of sharing with others a sporting experience lived in unique natural environments. Community spirit, friendly atmosphere and sports fair play are the basic elements of this event.

2.0 RACE

2.1 – Participation –

The race is open to all holders of a competitive medical certificate (cycling / mountain bike specialties).

2.2. -Biciclette-


MTB full and front 26 “, 27.5”, 29 “, MTB with wheels of diversified front and rear diameter are accepted.

During the entire course of the race it is forbidden to replace the frame (front triangle and rear stay), the wheels and the fork.


The E-BIKES must be exclusively without any modification (electronic or mechanical) that prevents the posting of the assistance reached 25 km / h.

It is therefore forbidden to use any modification, elaboration or application that could in any way cancel (even temporarily) the limitation of engine thrust beyond 25 km / h. The software that manages the engine must be the original one supplied on the bike used. It can be updated, but only with changes made available by the parent company.

Race participants using E-BIKE must be at least 19 years old.

The EBIKE must comply with the European Directive 2002/24 / EC below:

The European Directive 2002/24 / EC (article 1, point h) defines the pedal-assisted bicycle as a bicycle equipped with an auxiliary electric motor and with the following characteristics:

• maximum continuous rated power of the electric motor: 0.25 kW

• motor power supply progressively reduced and therefore interrupted upon reaching 25 km / h

• engine power supply interrupted before 25 km / h if the cyclist stops pedaling

Vehicles that meet this directive do not need to be approved and are considered to all intents and purposes as traditional bicycles.
Vehicles that do not meet these requirements simultaneously cannot be considered bicycles and must therefore be approved and registered.
This directive was implemented in Italy with the decree of 31 January 2003 of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and is therefore in force.

During the entire course of the race it is forbidden to replace the frame (front triangle and rear wagon), the wheels, the fork, the engine, the battery.

2.3. – Race circuit –

The route is partly developed through some sections (TRANSFERS) not timed on paved and / or forest roads, single-track paths and natural sections without obvious traces (where the pushing or transporting of the bicycle can also be envisaged) and partly through sections with timed start and finish (PS), consisting of single-track and unpaved paths that have narrow and exposed stretches, rocks, fords, steep climbs and descents, loose and sometimes slippery surfaces. The difficulty of the PS traits can vary from moderate to very high, there is every kind of natural obstacle. MTBs and E-BIKES run the same route and a different classification is provided for the two types.

2.4 – Transfers –

Transfers from a P.S. at the other they are considered due to the distance of the entire circuit to an adequate pace for the complete development of the event. These are not timed, however there is an imposed start time between one special and the other, indicated in the personal timetable.

2.5 – Timed Stages (P.S.)

The times stages (P.S.) are secret for all participants and will be communicated on FRIDAY, prior to the race.

2.6 – Departures –

Starts at the gate are shown on the personal time table provided for each driver.

The starting order includes the participants in EBIKE first, (Open Elite M/F; Open Master M/F), 19 years old minimum;

and then:

Women (elite, elite sport, Juniores F and masters);

13-14 years old M/F (reduced race);

15-16 years old M/F (reduced race);

Juniores (17-18 years old) M;

Master (5-6-7 +), (3-4), (1-2);


The departure of the single driver at the gate takes place every 30/60 sec, at the discretion of the race director and susceptible to change even during the course of the race.

The posting times will be indicated during the briefing.

Each starting gate includes:

a main starting lane;

a side lane for immediate departure, for those who are late with respect to the timetable (taped and signaled);

2.7 – Specifications –

The youth categories (13-14 / 15-16) have a reduced route with a maximum of 90 minutes pedaled, including transfers.
The times stages present a predominantly downhill development, and if there are uphill sections, these do not exceed 10% of the P.S.

2.8 – Weather and cancellation conditions –

The race takes place in all weather conditions deemed acceptable by the Race Director. The cancellation of one or more tests, up to the cancellation of the competition (for any reason that could compromise the safety of the participants, whether of an organizational, meteorological or different nature) is at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course and can also be done on same day of competition or during the course.


3.1 -Briefing-

Every driver and / or team manager is required to be present at the briefings arranged by the organization and communicated on official channels.

3.2 – Start Race –

Every driver is obliged to have a mobile phone with him, with a fully charged battery and with the registered race emergency number. In addition, please note that the European emergency number is 112. The emergency number is also indicated on the race table and on the numbered plaque.

Each driver must comply with the instructions given under “Personal Equipment”.

Each driver can film the race through his own action-cam, mounted on the frame or on the helmet under the visor. Lateral mounting on the helmet, chest or handlebar is not permitted.

3.3 – In the Race –

Every driver in the race is required to maintain a sporting “Fair-Play” attitude. In the case of an overtaking the pilot who performs this maneuver is required to notify by voice call clearly indicating the direction of his passage, whether to the right or to the left. The driver above is obliged to give up the pace by slowing down or stopping at the first useful point that does not put the safety of both at risk.

Each driver is required to stop if there is another participant on the ground, check the conditions and in case alert the nearest marshall and the other pilots arriving.

Each driver is required to comply with the instructions of the Race Director and the Marshalls, stopping immediately if the latter waved the red flag.

The track is marked with signs and some sections are delimited by tapes; the involuntary cut of sections of the tape implies the immediate disqualification.
Should a competitor leave the taped track, he must return to the same point and restore the torn tape, otherwise he will be disqualified.

It is forbidden to make changes to the route by competitors during the course of the race or prior to it; the organization reserves the right to modify it without warning in the event of meteorological emergencies and in any case to guarantee safety in the race and will communicate it to the pilots at the start of the P.S.

Each pilot must be self-sufficient with regard to any mechanical problems and for his supply of liquid and solid foods. Any type of technical assistance and / or external supplies by third parties along the race route are not tolerated, except in the official points indicated by the organization. Frame, fork, wheels, battery and engine are punched and cannot be modified and / or replaced during the race.

For the E-BIKE it is possible to use a second battery, delivered to the race secretary upon collection of the plate number. The battery will be available at the refreshment point.

In the transfers the Competitors must respect the regulation of the event and the Code of the Road, in particular for the lines of transfer not forbidden to the traffic. It is absolutely forbidden to be carried, pushed or pulled by other vehicles.

Each Competitor is responsible for his own conduct.

3.4 – Withdrawal –

In the event of withdrawal from the competition or removal by the competition staff, the pilot is required to go immediately to the direction of the race by removing the number plate.

3.5 – Claims –

Complaints regarding the conduct of the tests, the rankings, the behavior of the other competitors and / or any other type of report must be submitted in writing to the President of the Jury, paying the fee and signed by the competitor (s) not beyond 1⁄ 2 hours from the full presentation of the ranking. The organizing committee will communicate its decision within 60 minutes of the presentation of the aforementioned complaint.

The organizing committee will meet on the spot to immediately settle the dispute before the award ceremony.
The organizing committee is composed of the President of the Jury and a member of the organization.

3.6 -Transfer for 13-14 / 15-16 Categories “Reduced Race” –

The race for the aforementioned categories is reduced and the transfer to the departures of the P.S. it can be done by vehicle, in the direction of the drop-off point, which will be indicated by the organizing committee. The transfer must be organized independently by the participant. There are no shuttle transfers arranged by the organizing committee.


Non-registered participants can participate by signing the insurance daily card, attaching the medical certificate for competitive sports – “cycling / mountain bike” at the time of registration. The insurance daily card, comprised the administrative fee has a cost of 10€, to add at the registration fee.


Each participant can register for the race through the website

No other form of registration will be accepted. Registration deadline expires 23 FEVRIER, 2020.

Beyond this limit, no registration will be taken into consideration, except for access via INVITATION CARD.


The starting order takes into consideration the EWS Ranking, the national and regional rankings and any Invitational Cards and Wild Cards, as well as any other decision of the organizing committee.

The starting order is ordered according to this scheme:


Women (masters and agonists)



Master 1-2, 3-4, 5-6-7 +



8.1. -Clothing-

They are mandatory:

long-finger gloves, long or short-sleeved shirt worn over the protections with the exception of the neck-brace or rigid shell-type chest protectors, short or long trousers in anti-tear / break material.

8.2 -Protections-

The use of the full-face helmet (with removable chin guard if certified), always connected, specific for the practice of gravity disciplines and regularly on the market is mandatory throughout the race. The helmet must be equipped with a visor and in perfect condition.

The use of an open helmet or the removal of the chin guard is permitted for full-face helmets that provide for it, exclusively during transfers.

They are also mandatory:

knee pads, back protector or backpack containing back protector, goggles or glasses.

In case of use of “neck-support” (collar) protections, the back protector must be used.

Elbow pads, para-tibial neck brace and ankle braces are strongly recommended but not mandatory.

8.3 – Equipment-

It is mandatory to have a K-WAY or waterproof mountain jacket available on the day of the race. On the basis of the weather conditions  the race organizers will judge it will be mandatory or not to carry these garments along the race day.

It is mandatory to bring with you during the race a thermal silver/gold blanket, a whistle, a water bottle or water bag and enough water and a mobile phone with a fully charged battery and equipped with light. The presence of these devices will be checked upon verification.

The use of any transceiver and / or producer-equipment of sounds and images, with or without earphones, is prohibited, unless expressly authorized by the Technical Structure, for reasons of safety / emergency / TV footage.