Please review SUPERNATURAL’s terms and conditions carefully. All riders need to sign them to book with us.

SUPERNATURAL reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on our website immediately.


Once We receives an email from you with information about the type of riding package required, number of guests, dates of your stay with us, alternative dates if we are fully booked and a brief group rider information regarding skill level, we will then reply to you about availability and will provide you with our booking informations. The booking of your stay will only be confirmed once you have completed all the booking phase.



SUPERNATURAL will try to accommodate for requested changes to the original details supplied with your booking, however if we cannot accommodate these changes and you wish to cancel the holidays then the cancellation fee as described in the booking infos will apply.


In case of cancellation by you, the cancellation fees to SUPERNATURAL are listed below and will be paid no later than the initial arrival date of your holidays, unless the cancellation takes place due to force majeure:

8 or more weeks before the arrival date of your holiday: 20% of the total costs (equals the non-refundable deposit)

8 – 4 weeks before the arrival date of your holiday: 50% of the total costs

4 – 2 weeks before the arrival date of your holiday: 80% of the total costs

Under 2 weeks before the arrival date of your holiday: 100% of the total costs


In the unlikely event we have to cancel your holiday, we will offer you either a full refund of your payment or alternative dates for your holiday with us, depending on what you prefer.


Our prices are in Euros (€) and your holiday with us must be paid in Euros (€). In case you book from a non-Euro country, we acknowledge that exchange rate from the Euro to your respective currency can change from the day of your payment of the deposit till the final balance is due. SUPERNATURAL does not offer any monetary compensation of a possible increase or decrease of your total costs caused by changing currency rates.


Even if the weather in this area is generally good, heavy rains, snow or storms can occur and influence your holiday and the riding of trails. We will do our best to cater for the different weather situations, however to ensure the safety of our clients and staff, SUPERNATURAL reserves the right of judgment to cancel any days of riding during your holiday. Also We cannot be held responsible for bad weather conditions and therefore no refunds can be given.


SUPERNATURAL does not provide any personal insurances for your holiday. You are required to ensure you have all necessary insurances to cover all possible cases of injuries, any health issues and theft or damage of personal property for your stay and riding activities. Your insurance cover must specifically include health treatment abroad, medical and accident recovery for injuries gained whilst mountain biking, helicopter rescue and repatriation costs. The details of your insurance must be available in case of an emergency on the trails.


Riders use the SUPERNATURAL shuttle vehicles and bike trailers entirely at their own risk. You are responsible for the safe transit of your own bikes and must ensure that your bikes are put on the trailers securely. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to riders’s bikes during the vacation period.


Unlikely events such as vehicle breakdown, bad traffic, accidents, adverse weather or other unexpected events can delay our shuttle service to the airport. That’s why SUPERNATURAL cannot guarantee arrival at the airport at the pre-arranged time. Also We cannot be held responsible for any missed flights under any circumstances nor will SUPERNATURAL cover any consequential costs that can occur due to missed flights and a delayed departure.


Mountain biking is a dangerous sport and comes with certain risks. Due to the challenging nature of the trails and the amount of riding you will do during your holiday, the likelihood of having an accident whilst riding is high. SUPERNATURAL crew will take every precaution to ensure the safety of riders, however We cannot be held responsible for any accidents, injuries or the very unlikely worst case of the death of riders whilst guided riding with us. Before any riding with SUPERNATURAL, you have to sign a declaration that you have understood and accepted all associated risk of your riding during your holiday.

Wearing safety equipment can reduce the extend of injuries. A full-face or open -face mountain bike helmet, kneepads, gloves and google are absolutely an essential kit for a mountain biker. SUPERNATURAL reserves the right to refuse to accompany any rider who is not wearing a helmet and knee pads. For the more engaging enduro and freeride riding it is strongly recommended to use a full-face helmet for added protection in the event of a heavy fall onto the face. Also suitable biking gloves are advised be worn at any time whilst riding with us. As protective pads (forearm-elbow and knee-shin pads) are proven to reduce the potential severity of external wounds and can reduce the likelihood of broken bones in the event of an accident, we strongly recommend to wear appropriate pads during riding.

SUPERNATURAL cannot guarantee the safety of each trail from one day to the next. Natural hazards like fallen trees, uneven surfaces or flooding can exist without warning, and We cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury caused by such hazards.


All SUPERNATURAL guides are equipped with a basic first aid kit and respective local emergency contact details for the event of an accident. In case of an accident our crew will act to their best knowledge and experience. In addition you have to inform us about any known existing allergies to medical treatments at the time of booking.


If one or more articles of the above terms and conditions become invalid this does not affect the validity of the other articles. The invalid article shall be replaced by another one expressing the intention of the parties as close as possible.